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Black Candies mega sale

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Preorder our forthcoming Black Candies "See Through" issue before Monday, November 4, and receive last year's "Post Apocalypse" issue too!

"See Through" release date: November 15, 2013

About the books:

Black Candies is a place where “genre” is not a dirty word. It’s a place where respectable and serious writers can indulge their darkest and weirdest tendencies. It’s a platform for authors to create serious, intelligent terror.

Black Candies: A Journal of Literary Horror wants to unsettle you. For this issue, 17 writers offer their own disturbing interpretations of the the theme "See Through." With more than half of the stories written by women, Black Candies aims to correct the trajectory of the male-dominated literary journals, as well as provide a home for notoriously underrepresented women horror writers.

Featuring stories by: Sarah Jean Alexander, Ken Baumann, Aaron Burch, Juliet Escoria, Sarah Rose Etter, Julia Evans, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Rory Kelly, Cameron Pierce, Anna Prushinskaya, Natanya Ann Pulley, Jim Ruland, C.A. Schaefer, Zack Wentz, Jay Wertzler, Adrian Van Young.

Edited by Ryan Bradford and Jay Wertzler. Illustrations by Adam Vieyra, Carabella Sands, Laura Gwynne, and Andrew McGranahan

Package includes our 2012 "Post Apocalypse" issue. Six writers including Nick Antosca (Midnight Picnic, The Obese), Jim Ruland (Big Lonesome) and Natanya Ann Pulley (Quarterly West) interpret the theme “Post Apocalypse” in unique and troubling ways. Full-color illustrations accompany each story, including artwork and design from Adam Vieyra.